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Our Females:

'Sophie' is a perfect 10. She is the proud result of 4 generations of excellent genetics. Alert and smart. Conformation is excellent. Loving and full of charm. She is our premiere dam. An absolutely beautiful black and silver.

'Andalusia Mine', 'Andy' is quiet, alert, obedient, smart and pretty. She is a 14 lb. salt and pepper. Andy is outgoing, loving and full of charm. Her pups will be unmatched – an excellent choice for pet, obedience or sporting competition.

'Irma' is very close to me. I began taking her out of the whelping box at 3 weeks old to hold her (which we normally don't do).  Consequently, she bonded to me like a mom.  She's very pretty, petite at 13 lbs., smart and as I mentioned, very affectionate.  Like Baze (similar ages and grew up together), she is showing very high marks in her current training.  A good travel buddy and loves to go on excursions.  Couldn't be happier with her disposition and attributes. Absolutely excellent in every criterion.

Our Males:
Benito Amadeo De Medici, "Benito" 

is the proud result of powerful blessing followed by a rigidly discriminative breeding program.  While most breeders attest to careful selection with regard to improving the line/breed, in our case it is absolutely true. Ask anyone who knows us and our dogs.
Health, disposition and beauty, increasingly hard to score on all 3 points.  It all began years ago, when after traveling the Midwest, the eastern US, "Black Witch Kennels" in Michigan, "Moonlight kennels" in Missouri and "Hickory Hills Kennel" in Kentucky, we procured our nationally Known Matriarch "Blitz".  Three generations later we have perfection ---
her grandson, "Benito".  Squat and square with perfect conformation.  Attentive, obedient and solidly faithful companion. Benito has the distinction of having the highest aptitude of any dog we have trained to date.  I taught him to do a formal finish in 5 minutes flate.  Had it like a rock! Benito captures the hearts of all our visitors. Loves to travel. Friendly, alert and engaging --- a best buddy. He's incredible!

 "Quinn" took years to arrive at. Incredibly perfect genetics with unmatched loyalty, intelligence, beauty and health.  Quinn is a striking true black and silver - showing excellent apptitude ( we have just now begun his training).

Very affectionate and dedicated.  Quinn is a stellar representative of the Miniature Schnauzer breed.


Sweet Boy Baze, 'Baze' has captured

all the traits we have strived for

in the last five generations;

excellent aptitude, good build,

incredible obedience (even

at 6 months), extremely affectionate

and also has beautiful ears that

lay nice.  Couldn't ask for more

perfect and complete credential. 

Again, we've been working on

cultivating this sire going back

7 years of very discriminate

breeding, including elimination

of several prospects and a cost

of several thousand dollars...

Baze didn't just happen.

Evans Schnauzers: When you're serious about quality.