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It is common to hear remarks on our dogs good manners and beauty.  One very Schnauzer knowledgeable and discriminating man (a sheriff’s deputy) had traveled extensively before he found us.  He sat quietly for the longest time in our living room studying our dogs and a litter we had at the time. Finally he exclaimed, “You have the best dogs in the state!” ‘Franzi’  (Vannah/Benito pup) is a shining example of that quality and beauty.  My thanks to John and Patrice Winkle for their testimonial, which is particularly relevant due to their knowledge of Schnauzers as former Schnauzer breeders.

In the Fall of 2010 we acquired the newest member of our family, "Franzi", a female schnauzer puppy from Evans Schnauzers. She is the delight of our lives,full of energy with a beautiful personality and disposition. Her home raised temperament is evident in her adjustment to family and home.In her short time with us, she has won the heart of the entire family and all the students in my classroom. She shows unconditional love to everyone she has met. She even played "Toto" for Halloween.Our experience with the Evans’  has been delightful and we intend to stay in touch with them in the years to come. For those that are interested in the ownership of a quality miniature schnauzer, we highly recommend Evans’ puppies.

John and Patrice Winkel

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