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A Funny ‘his dog’ Story

Generally women are the drive behind the new pup decision and their strategies for accomplishing the mission are humorous (and complex).  Pam and Arden Taube are longtime customers and both very nice people as well.  They already had one of our dogs when Pam thought this family should be larger.  Arden was not as exuberant about the idea. Ultimately Pam convinced Arden this was to be ‘his’ dog as she believed their first dog had taken up more with her.Puppy pick day came and so did the Taube’s.  Pam would point to a pup for Arden to hold – then as her eye was drawn to another one she would immediately shift Arden’s attention to that one – when he would cautiously indicate his preference, she would re-direct his attention and say, “But what about that cute black and silver!”.  Finally, Arden said, “Pam, you just pick and that’ll be my pick.”  The pick was made and upon leaving, Pam said, “Did anyone pick the little black female?” I told her no and she got a chastising look from Arden.  Two weeks later when the Taube’s came back for their pup, Pam again inquired about the black female and I informed her it was still not taken.  She immediately turned to Arden with big, sad eyes.  He responded, “we had this talk last night,” in a voice that was supposed to end the matter. “…but she’s the only one left! She’ll be all alone,” Pam said.  They left with both pups (and lived happily ever after!).. (Picture of the Taube’s 3 dogs below).

** Here is another email from a woman we received recently that is very reminiscent of Pam Taube.


Dear Evans',

Thanks for sending the picture of Sam.  She is a beautiful dog.  This will be my husband’s dog –(really both) but he is getting to choose what he wants & he gets to name him.  He is still not sure what he wants to do.  I know down deep he really wants it but says he is not sure if wants to go through the puppy stage again.  I told him we can do it.  It has only been 2 1/2 years for the Wheaton.  So I will get back to you when he makes is final decision.  I just love the pictures of your dogs.  I would love to have one.  I printed out a picture of the black & silver puppy with the red bow & it is sitting on the kitchen table so he can look at it every time he is at the table.  Hopefully I will get him to decide soon.

Thanks so much,     

Christi M.


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